Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry CHRISSTTMAAASSSSS!!!! To one and all =D

T'is the season to be jolly, tra la la la la! =] It's not much of an update but I thought i would share some christmas cards I made for my girlfriend and my parents with you! I was very pleased with both outcomes =].

First Anna's!

Here's how it first looked anyway =]
It was coloured in with Promarkers =D

Here is the finished version =D
For my parents, I decided that I wanted to try something different so for this I used Pastels to create this =]

I was very pleased with this! I've never really used pastels before so i am very pleased with the outcome of this =]

Thanks! I hope you enjoy! and...


Thursday, 9 December 2010

You will have to face the... CONSEQUENCES!

As time drove on in the animation studio me and my friends decided to try and have some fun... in the form of a game of consequences! Animation style =D

Oh the hilarity!

Featuring, myself, Alex Lewis and Ryan Wheeler!

Drawing at the Russell-Cotes!

Time to trot down to the local art gallery and have a look at some awesome artwork and fail to try and draw them!

Oh god how did his face stretch! D:

Doodling is fun

During some of our KPA sessions me and my class mates get very bored and decide to try and do some character design challenges... or even just decide to doodle about anything and everything. Here's some of the stuff i've done.

 We do work honest >_>

Movement Studies

One of our units we had to study movement, it was quite hard as it focused on us drawing very quick sketches of the figure. I think some of these came out well and some... not so much haha.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Animation studies!

For several of our units for Animation we've had to collect research to understand how the objects we're going to animate work. For the first go we started with a falling sack and to do this we had to draw... sacks haha.

After that we in the similar theme we had to make a 'Sack Pantomime' for this me and my friends decided to check out some reference material from some of the old black and white Charlie Chaplin films to the more recent 'Aladdin' for the magic carpet, just so that we could understand the shapes and movements we were going to be doing.

Sorry about the crappy quality

Life drawings!

Now this is quite hard as I have about 28 pages of Life drawings in my sketch book and I highly doubt people are going to want to see them all. So I have to try and find some of my favourite ones.

Another Daumier (failed) attempt in the top left corner.

Oh god! Her face! What happened to her face!!!

Random little life sketches

During my time off Uni I sometimes like to go and draw things randomly, and these are some of my little sketches... Most aren't that good though >_>

Durer Artist Studies!

I've still got a few more sketches of Durers to do but so far i'm pretty pleased with what i've got =].

Daumier Artist Studies!

I'm sure you can guess what this is! This is just some of my artist studies that I've done so far. Following the artists - Daumier and Durer!

Let's begin with Daumier!
My attempt at an original drawing (bottom left) was claimed to be 'Fascinatingly bad' =D

I think my attempts at drawing with Daumier style has definitely been getting better.

Skull and skeletal studies

Another post already?! This would of been so much easier had I done this earlier! >_> Oh well we did some studies on skulls and skeletons using basic construction and boxes to then go into further detail. I don't think I was very good at it to be honest but oh well, it all helps in the end =].

I think this skull would of come out a lot better if i had used charcoal over pencil.